Twas the Night Before Occupy…


Leave it to a mass protest movement to make me feel reconnected…

So lately I have been back on that cant -wait -to-leave- Providence- and everything- sucks- mindset; which happens frequently when the following factors are in play:

-full moon

-that time in my cycle where my hormones turn on whatever rationality I might have

-a long time secret crush doesn’t return the adoration…(aaahhh unrequited love….)

-disrupted sleep due to nightmares/my son peeing his bed/my cat Mimi’s late night bobbie pin hunting ( she was a treasure seeking pirate in a past life)

-no time to write leading me to send in my submission late…again ( I am a bad, bad grad student, but there’s Mimi trying to help…)

-general sense of  Ugk and Eeek and especially @#$*&##%#$!

With times like this its easy to melt down into adolescent emo-ramblings about how nothing seems to fit…how I dont belong here… and how in fact my existence in this place and time  is actually the result of an unfortunate slip into a black hole ( aka the Gulf War) that spit me out in an alternative reality ( aka Rhode Island) where nothing, no matter how hard I try will ever feel quite right…

As a result of my suspected parallel world jumping, I have been thinking a lot about my need to be back in the Middle East and actually emailed my resume to a school in Palestine.  Returning to the Middle East to teach has always been on my radar, not so much as a permenant relocating …or in my case a re-re-locating… but a nice option for a summer or year long experience.

While there is still no word on that one, it did make me feel a whole lot better that I turned my dissatisfaction into some sort of  action instead of my usual bitchy moping and complaining to whoever will listen…sorry Mimi.

So come Saturday evening, my need to get out of the house resulted in stopping over at Burnside Park downtown to check out the Occupy Providence crowd ( most of which are close friends).

I will admit that I was driven there more out of my need to connect with friends and simply hang out rather than protest…(Sorry. I am a Palestinian woman. My entire existence in this country has been a protest. I need to pace myself.)

I was actually caught off guard by how powerful it was to stand in this outdoor public space, surrounded by so many people, many of which I knew from various contexts (different schools I worked at, friends of friends, family, old college friends, my yoga instructor, ect….)

All chanting, drumming, singing, waving strongly worded signs condemning corporate greed, military campaigns, an ever-growing gap between rich and poor…all promoting the 99%’s voices to be heard…freedom…all contributing to my feeling


*A special thank you to my beautiful friend Julianne for the pictures.


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