It Must Be the Full Moon…or Gas…


It has been too long since I posted… its not from lack of things happening…but the opposite: too much is going on… my final creative writing residency came and went too fast, my time in Boston with friends and mentors over in a flash, days at work have been moving really fast, Ali is developing into quite the preschooler! Only a few more months till I earn my MFA and possibly move out of Providence, only a few months more and summer will be here with its long days and sunshine.  I feel stronger-post-divorce with every new day–truly enjoying being single-not-ready-to-mingle… feels really good to say no,  to have time to myself,  to have farting contests with my almost three year old and not have to explain myself…(its mostly me doing the farting and Ali laughing at me but, whatever…)


There has been a lot to look forward to…aahh the  happiness residue. Happiness residue? Well, that’s my theory…its based on a theory from my favorite TV show Fringe…which is based on funky physics laws like the concept of non-liner time and what have you…


Yikes! is my inner science geek showing?!

They had a line in there about how traumatic events in human history are so powerful they vibrate backward in time…possibly giving those sensitive enough to pick up on those vibrations a warning.  I highly suggest people check out the latest episode of Fringe…sci-geek and normal geeks alike would enjoy it:

Well that leads me to MY theory on happiness residue… I say if traumatic events can send vibrations into time, well damn it,  joy and happiness can send even stronger ones…cause I feel some pretty hip and happening happiness vibes right now…it must be the residue from an even happier future just around the corner…or it could just be the peace that comes from being happy exactly where I am and with exactly who I am…that helps too… now please excuse me, I need to get to my flatulence.






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