Where were you in June ’04?


on June 5 is the long anticipated Venus transit, a rare event in which Venus eclipses the Sun. There is potential for us to create a balanced expression of the male/female energies (interesting that Mars and Venus are both in retro aspects at this time) within ourselves and the world. Where do you hide these aspects of yourself, which one do you think is more powerful, and how is that expressed in your life? And, what were you doing in June 2004, when the first half of the Venus transit occurred? Whatever was revealed or incomplete then will have closure or completion now. How far have you come since then, is there more you can do, and how have you changed? Watch your thoughts for these answers because they will enlighten you as to your next steps.  read more: http://spiritlibrary.com/uriel-heals/the-energies-of-june-2012


I have been framing so much of my experiences around the divorce/breakup/transition of two years ago  that I was taken aback reading this section of an article on the rare Venus transit happening tonight.  My life narrative (as well as that of this blog) has centered so much around the events of 2010, that it never occurred to me to reflect back 8 years to 2004 when the first half of the transit occurred.

June in 2004?

I almost jumped when I read that combination of month and year… I hadn’t though back to that time in so long.  In June of 2004 I was on the cusp of an amazing, life defining adventure: my study abroad trip to Cairo, Egypt!

That 6 month long trip did so much to help form who I am as a person today, everything from my fashion sense, (I stopped relaxing my hair and let my curls go natural)  my career, (I loved my time informally correcting papers of students who’s first language was not English) my activism ( I formed RI college’s Students for Justice in Palestine upon my return), my spirituality, My writing,  My future travels, My friends…the list goes on and on and oooonnnn… If I then step back and broaden  my perspective, widen my lens and look at these past two years as simply being a part of this wider picture, then the breakup and all that messy aftermath (as well as rewarding healing ) encompasses a much different narrative.  One that was very much about taking risks, overcoming fears, and redefining my boundaries and expectations… What was revealed was the importance of taking care of myself before expecting to take care of anyone else, among so many more important life lessons.

It’s immeasurable how far I  have come since then and how much I have changed…and not because I was only a 20 year old…but because that was the first time I allowed myself to take control of my own life path instead of just waiting for life to happen.

Next Steps…Sky’s the limit

PS: Our first week in Egypt we went to Mount Sinai for a sunrise hike, but I was too chicken shit/home sick to climb.  This is what I missed out on:

A couple months later though…I  redeemed myself pretty nicely- Sharm el Shiek/Red Sea


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