Middle School Teacher confessions: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


sooooo…. It has been an interesting couple of weeks… I have expanded my vocabulary and now (sort of) know like three different acronyms for various documents I need to fill out relating to students, my teacher evaluations or something… all of which are due this week after discovering I was required to do them like last Friday….still haven’t really wrapped my head around everything or anything…  but I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, I technically have two months of working here under my belt.  For a minute I actually fooled myself into thinking I knew what I was doing.  Apparently I know very little… but that’s okaayy?! ( cause I dont think other people know either and they have been here much longer than me).

So, for this post I decided it was best to express this current episode of middle school teaching with a little comic relief.

What my classroom looks like at the end of standardized testing:

How my 12 year old’s react to still being expected to do work after said testing:

My reaction to getting a 15 year old in my 7th grade class ( they kept him back 3 years):

How  15 year old interacts with 12 year olds in  the classroom:

What I want to teach this 15 year old:

What I have to teach this 15 year old instead:

What 12 year olds want to talk about instead of reading corporately produced learning materials:

What I look like after a week of ‘teaching’ corporate ‘learning’ materials:

What I feel like after being informed of required (job dependent) paperwork and having less than a week to produce said paperwork:

What I try to remind myself to keep it all in perspective:


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