Teacher Confessions: Headless Chicken


I know, I know. Its totally cliche… but this has been the sort of week where I have running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

thats one sexy chick

thats one sexy chick

Now, I usually take on a ‘fake it till you make it’ attitude when it comes to remaining calm. Its part of the job ( like a doctor or nurse of other life saving professional…) to remain calm in the face of stress. But today, I almost lost it. So why has it been so stressful?

-Testing, testing, testing…

-New teacher evaluation system

-Surprise visits from school department observers

-deadline to hand in 2nd quarter grades

-deadline to give and grade”post-tests” ( more testing) for one ( of the three) of the courses I teach…

– “normal” chaos of middle school which includes but is not limited to:

aah puberty...

aah puberty…

-Fights, Crying fits, Puberty related distractions “Hey my Adams apple is bigger today Miss!”

middle school is great!

-Thanks ‘no pass policy’, I teach periods 4-6 ( all after lunch) and yes those kids need to pee and aren’t holding back what they think of this ‘no pass policy’.

-Cuss words of every shape, size, color and national affiliation


-Kids who dont eat lunch and almost pass out in classroom  ( I gave up that banana i was saving for later…)


-VARIOUS  wardrobe malfunctions

yup. that happens.

yup. that happens.

Actually now that I write it all out, its all just a little bit amusing, isn’t it?


aah the absurdity.

Next Week: my take on RI’s proposed NECAP testing graduation requirement…


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  1. Oh, the testing, evaluating, and testing! No wonder we’re all under stress! But thanks for making me happy that at least my students are all still smaller than I am!

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