Teacher Confessions: I got pink slipped and I dont mind


I got a letter from the school department saying they are not renewing my contract, they are looking for someone “better qualified”.

Okay. I get it. its my first year teaching in this district and that’s the way it rolls.

Or so I thought.


The next day I ran into a union rep in the teachers room. I introduced myself and instantly knew something was wrong.

“Oh, YOUR miss Samih?”

“Ummm Yea”

“Oh, the union lawyer has been trying to contact you. its gonna be a shit storm!”



Well, it turns out that thanks to “race to the top” ( kinda like ‘no child left behind’ on caffeine) I was required to participate in a “mentor” program that paired me with an experienced teacher that was supposed to guide and support me in order to pass the new RI teacher evaluations


…nevermind that teacher was some dude  i went to college with who i apparently turned down for a date like 10 years ago…( he reminded me of this upon our first meeting and was quick to remark how disapointed he has been that I turned him down)…so i didnt find our meetings/observations to be very helpful…( he pointed out things like needing to have my classroom consequences posted in the room when they were up there staring him in the face the whole time he took notes on his race- to- the- top issued iPad)  and I passed my principals evals just fine… expect there was a small problem… this mentorship program was designed to support teachers who dont do well on their evaluations.  If my principal thought I sucked but my “mentor” thought i was fine, he was supposed to advocate for me. And apparently if my principal thought I was fine but the mentor thought i sucked, HIS word is taken over the principals….hence the pink slip in a contract year where no teacher is supposed to be fired…

That makes sense, right? and I can totally get into a discussion of patriarchy, privatized education, blaaa, blaaa and blaaa… but at this point I am done.


Its been a couple months and I am on the job hunt yet again, which I am taking as an opportunity to get something more positive and better fitting, so no need to stress… and as for that “shit storm”; I got a cc’ed copy of the letter that union lawyer sent to the school dept saying I appeal… and I haven’t heard anything since… funny thing is, I don’s care.

Actor Ryan Gosling on Pool Ledge

It doesn’t matter.  You wanna fire someone with years of teaching experience and a masters degree because you need someone “better qualified?” okay. I am sure someone else would love to be elbow deep in fart jokes and confiscated iPods.

Bless ya!



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