Writing after MFA: Kinda Like Sex After Childbirth…


With every post MFA blog post I am realizing that writing after my MFA has kinda been like sex after childbirth.


No really, stick with me here.

My son is 4 years old now, but i didnt exactly have the a normal time healing from 3rd degree lacerations ( his shoulder was stuck for a while). After 10 months of poop ( and other) discomfort, I finally sought and received physical therpy of  my pelvic floor ( yeah, that’s a thing) and thank goodness for my amazing physical therapist, my pain is gone, and I learned that no it is NOT normal to not “ever be the same” after childbirth.

Contact this amazing PT for more info or help!: http://www.womensmedicine.org/oth/Page.asp?PageID=OTH132991


Attempting to write since the high of my MFA graduation this past summer is feeling a lot like sex after childbirth… terrifying.  So, ima take what I learned from giving birth and take it slow… one blog post a week to start, pushing myself to story outlines and nonfiction essay ideas next. Teaching middle school immediately following MFA isn’s exactly helpful to keeping up a regular writing routine… but that’s always been the challenge for me and I am sure for other writers/working moms…and the advice I always hear? Be consistent! keep all those muscles working and lubed up…

hmmmm yes.


Note: I wrote this in a cafe where in-spite of my headphones I could hear the conversation about the resurrection of Jesus and a bunch of bible verses over my shoulder as I was typing about lubed up pelvic floors…Allah loves healthy pelvic floors y’all, keep writing!


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