Welcome to my last week of being a 20 something…


I have just about one week left untill I turn 30…whoaaahhhhhhh! Party Time! But of course I need to slow it down and take this time as an opportunity to review and give gratitude to the past before plunging forward to my new decade.

So to Recap! During my 20’s I am so grateful I…

-Worked all sorts of jobs from administrative work study college gigs to high school teacher, college advisor, retail at the mall…

-Learned how to live off very little money… and on my own… and as a single mom…

-Traveled to Cairo, London, Paris and Montreal…

-Rode trains for the first time

-Graduated undergrad

-Went to grad school in Cambridge ( thus acquiring a large body of student loan debt…)

-Became a teacher and met lots of amazing young people and their families

– Became a mom

-Made so many new amazing friends

-Got published

-Got my nose pierced

-Dyed my hair purple… and red

-Learned to forgive but not forget

-Started learning about medicinal herbs

-Married Love-o-my-lyfe!



In my 30’s I hope to:

-Spend more time with my lovely friends

-trust and let go…

-Unlearn all that ‘on my own’ stuff without forgetting the lessons in it

-Get a bike

-More yoga, singing  and dancing…

-Hike more

-Take more trips

-Learn to knit

-Travel to west coast of Canada and US and visit other countries ( Greece, Turkey, Italy, ect…)

-Own house/land

-Start a garden

-Get Tattooed!

-Write soooo much more!

-Know more about natural medicine and herbs

-Maintain financial stability

-Keep learning…

….What else can I try to get in this week before the big 3-0 ??!



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