Herbal Support for Pregnancy: The ‘We’re Expecting’ Edition!


Yay! Baby #2 is on the way (even though baby #1 is now a big 5 year old!) And I am due at the end of Feb 2015!  I want to use this time- that has already gone by super fast!- to document my experience and to share some natural health and herbal support information.

pee sticks All. Day.

pee sticks All. Day.

What I am drinking:

I’ve cut back on coffee ( even though a cup a day is fine) because it makes my already overtaxed bladder even more annoyed! Now, I only drink it some weekends.  If I really need a morning boast -which I always do with a the start of a new school year-early teacher mornings and pregnancy are NOT fun- I drink black or earl gray tea which doesn’t seem to have the same effect on my poor bladder,

Prego Blend Tea:  1-2 cups daily ( I treat this like my daily tonic/ dose of needed minerals and vitamins)

Red Raspberry Leaf,  Red Clover, Nettle, Oatstraw ( see my previous post about spring/fertility herbs for more info): https://nowapproachingprovidence.wordpress.com/2014/05/26/herbalism-101-spring-is-here-detox-herbs-allergy-support-and-fertility/


1st Trimester:  The first thing that started changing on my body was the boobs! They instantly became super sensitive.  I knew something was up before it was pee-stick test time. Even the branches of veins from my neck all the way down to my chest turned into a super noticeable blue!


Pros- yay! Growing a human! Also, sleeping and other daily activities are  still pretty easy.

Cons- Booo, this is exhausting!  Needing to eat EVERY 20 min and drink massive amounts of h2o ALL the time has forced me to pack extra snacks and plan my errands about places with bathrooms and more snacks.  Also, I experienced so much more gas and bloating with this pregnancy than with my first. That “baby bump?” yea, it’s just gas…

Block Island with baby/gas bump!

Block Island with baby/gas bump!

activities:  Since I am not much of nap taker ( never have been), There has been lots of  just being laid out even though its nice weather outside.  I started watching Dr. Who and unfortunately, I’ll always associate those first two seasons with inexplicable exhaustion and nausea.

Sorry 1st dr. who- you make me wanna hurl. nothing personal:)

We took a trip to Block Island which was beautiful but OMG that boat ride! Large ferry rides wouldn’t normally bother me, but taking a ride on anything for more than 10 minutes while in my 1st tri has caused instant motion sickness!


Herbal support for my bloating and digestion issues:

chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, and Ginger tea.



chewing fennel seeds

yah! Fennel!

yah! Fennel!


But sometimes the only thing that really helps… is just laying down and watching Dr. Who…

Next up: 2nd Trimester update







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