Almost There: 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Update


Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice!


3rd Trimester: only about 8 weeks to go and the days are flying by!


32 weeks and counting...

32 weeks and counting…


Happy Holidays!

The fam at Christmas!

The fam at Christmas!


Pros: Not as emotional, feeling “settled”, love feeling the baby’s movements, energy level is still pretty good.

Cons: still peeing alllll the time! Sleep is sometimes a challenge, I am carrying high so my lungs and stomach feel a bit compressed…

How I’ve tried to cope:

-cutting caffeine

-going to bed at roughly the same time most nights- easy to do when I am in my teaching routine, not so much when I am on holiday break and want to stay up to watch netflix!

-regular excercise.  Hands down the best thing for me to fall asleep and stay asleep.

-journaling, routine of writing- getting my to-do lists and rants out of the way via the written word is a good way to clear my mind in time for bed- no need to have drama or a busy day follow me into bedtime!


opening gifts! Baby already has so much cute stuff!

opening gifts! Baby already has so much cute stuff!


Third Trimester’s Activities:

Meeting with Doula: Jessica Fuss is our doula and I couldn’t be happier! She is everything I needed and so much more and I have learned so much from her already.  Also a cloth diapering expert, she will help us transition to using more cloth diapers this time around. Learn more about her services here:

Switching Dr’s:  Have you ever had a lingering feeling that something was just off or missing from your birth plans? (or anything for that matter?)  In my 2nd Trimester, I found myself regretting not having enough time to research other places to birth (besides our monolith Woman and Infants Hospital here in Providence).  Although it’s a great place, I was disappointed that I “risked out” of being about to use their Alternative Birthing Center at the hospital (because my son was born after a pretty rough shoulder dystochi- he was 9 lbs, 9 oz!

I had a gut feeling that I wasn’t going to get the type of birth experience I was comfortable with in the regular hospital even though over the past 5 years Woman and Infants has undergone major culture shifts.  Now they allow rooming-in, encouraging skin to skin contact and breastfeeding to name a few. I still recall the days of my son’s birth when a  fetal monitoring belt was attached to me, making it hard to move around.  After the drama of calling all the nurses on that floor to try to get his shoulder unstuck, I didn’t get to see Ali till after he was checked, washed and swaddled.  I didn’t even get to hold him till about 8 hours after, and I feel that as a result, breastfeeding was a huge learning curve for us.   I realize there were many factors at play around his birth that didn’t all have to do with the hospital ( like his size for one!)  and thankfully we both came out of that experience alright-but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I had been in a different environment things would have felt, and maybe even turned out, differently.

After talking to Jessica about my options, I learned that a smaller, local hospital ( only a couple of miles down the street from us) is known as being a woman centered birthing option. One that views birth as a natural, highly evolved process, not a disaster waiting to happen.  That foundational cultural difference is exactly what I was looking for.  The more I thought about it, the more I knew it was time for a change.  I have met my new Dr. and so far have been really happy and have felt a difference in communication styles and perspective.  Even though I was working with a midwife group before, it didn’t feel like the best fit due to the fact that they work out of Women and Infants.  I loved the midwives, but couldn’t say the say about that massive hospital. I am glad I listened to my gut on this one and feel much more comfortable about my birth plan. Since then, I have had conversations with other moms who have had either birthed at Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket or had my Dr., and everyone has been speaking very positively about their experiences.


Drafting my Birth Plan:  I Drafted this birth plan with the help of my doula:)

Some of the highlights of the plan are below (short and to the point!)


-would like to labor in pool/tub or have a room with a shower

-self directed pushing

-Dad would like to be part of birth/ help catch baby/ would like to cut cord

After Birth:

-skin to skin with baby immediately after delivery

-delayed cord clamping

-Save placenta (will be encapsulated)

-I would like to breastfeed as soon as possible after delivery


super excited about his flippy hat!

super excited about his flippy hat!

Preparing for new human!

-hospital bag – I didn’t do this till the last moment with my first!  (another post on that coming up soon)

-assembling family/friend support, organizing roles for childcare, meal prep, errands…

– stocking up on needed baby gear (will also be featured in more detail in a future blog post)

what will I really need?!

what will I really need?!

Herbal Support: What’s in my prego herbal blend:

*for iron: Dandelion


* for calcium and for its calming effects: Oatstraw

Unknown-4 *overall tonic: Nettle

stinging nettles!

stinging nettles!

* digestive, immune, and emotional support: Tulsi/ Holy Basil


*rock star uterus- Red Raspberry

anything to do with this plant is awesome for pregy peoples!

anything to do with this plant is awesome for pregy peoples!

*digestive support- Peppermint



Best activity so far this Trimester: Being on Holiday Vacaaaation! Sleeping in!!! Chilling oooutt! Whoop!!

Excercise accommodations: Walking, swimming, yoga with room for belly- gentle Yoga at my local YMCA and dailyburn prego yoga-  and  twerking on the Birth ball. Cause yay! Baby is already head down!


Twerk that birthball!

going around in circles and doing figure 8’s on an exercise ball…just like twerking…sorta


What I learned the 2nd time around

-dont sweat the small stuff

-hand me downs for baby gear are awesome and better than new stuff!

– Its important to speak up when unsure or uncomfortable about anything related to medical care- most of the time there are other options!

-getting a doula is very worth it

-self-care, self-care, self-care!   For me, that means finally using a body work massage gift certificate I got way back in the summer, making time to get my hair done, checking in with friends, keeping up with my “want to read” pile, making time for my writing, and crafting… speaking of which:

Next Post:  The How to Edition:  I try to make all natural nipple butter! Also, what’s in my hospital bag and must have baby gear!

" your making nipple wha…"?

” your making nipple wha…”?

Want to share helpful pregy or baby advice? What did you pack in your hospital bag? What has been your experience using herbs?


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