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The Shore/ Submit


The Shore


My relationship with the shore has always been this.

Nothing but sea and sky.

Nothing else in my head.

How far ive drifted from even this, my most basic of anchors.

It’s enough even just to feel the edges now,

the edges of myself seem satisfying now.

Ill take it.

I recognize it’s not just me, but Earth that is also trembling.

She is heaving, insides upturning. like so many times before,

Millenia folded upon millenia, reaching, streatching.

We become like the dry river bed spreading like tentacles that quickly dry in the sun’s encompassing snare.

Unsure when our banks will taste the water but still we reach.




Submit I said.

He knows this is his challenge, says he can not, will not submit.

The word vibrates like rain striking the ground

Soon this, I can so plainly see, will be under the sea

To submit, I know is not a surrender but an act of active listening

like turning to face the wind so she knows you have aknowledged her

I describe it as an instinct, knowledge we were born with; to submit is to activate the divine deep in the marrow

We were taught how to submit, to place forehead on ground in supplication

There is peace to be found in greeting the earth

But what is prayer to us now?

Oceans removed from where we were meant to be

He will not bow down

Submission requires pliancy, the ability to bend as to avoid breaking

I ask the earth to remind me and here I am doing the reminding.

Sometimes its easy to forget, among the sameness and drudgery- that we are in love

That we are saving each other

that we are catching each other when we fall

that our souls are in communion

we were drawn together for this unraveling-of this I am certain.




My Intro to Herbalism: Nature Always Finds a Way


I am about 1 month into my 6 month herbalism workshops at Farmacy Herbs (www.farmacyherbs.com) and its amazing!  The classes are one day a week for 4 hours and they are making my last few weeks of teaching middle school livable!  The classes take the edge and dread out of my Mondays and they started at just the perfect timing.

To say I have become spritually drained by urban, public school teaching is an understatment.



This experience has challenged me more than I can process quite yet, but it feels a little something like this Taylor Swift Parody:

Well…. anyways, it has put me face to face with opposing forces  (hope / dispair)  (love/ fear).  So, at this point, yes I’ld rather be reading up on the herbs then have one more dead end conversation/complainant with folks who dont have th courage to dismantle this abusive system…

Happy Mullein!

Happy Mullein!

Of course, like most things, I am taking away  so much more from these classes than the intended, face-value information on the medicinal uses of herbs.  For one thing, I feel at home at Farmacy and Cemetery street.  I met Mary Blue ( Providence Herbalist) about 7 or so years ago through friends and have watched the herb shop, farm ,and education center grow to what it is today.  Simply being there is recharging and clarifying.  Especially considering how rapidly and drastically my life has transitioned in the past few years ( motherhood-divorce-writing rebirth-new life-and-stuff), Farmacy very much feels like my constant…

look at those fuzzy leaves!

look at those fuzzy leaves!

A highlight so far has been my general awe of the natural world.  We talked about Mullen and how it stubbornly finds its way pretty much any where:  gardens, wooded lots, even cracks in the sidewalk. Mullein can be used for several aliments especially coughs and congestion.  It is considered to be a respiratory aid.  Interestingly, Mullein is known to grow tall by the side of highway-a place that is known for its constant contact with air pollution and lung irritants. Nature, it seems will always have the last word.

So, I am inspired to come up with my own……….(drum roll………)

Healing naturally is gangsta!

Healing naturally is gangsta!

Nada’s Philosophy For the Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Learning about Mullein has inspired me to come up with the following ratio: Nature=Life=Love


love: expansion and fear: contraction

If Mullein ( love) can break through cracks in the concrete and thrive, well… we could break through this old shell of a world that no longer serves us…all those old instituations education system/capitialism/patriarchay…are already ripping at the seams. We just gotta keep pushing through…we gotz no where to go but up.