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I will leave the light on

For you.

For me.

For the vision of me this new love allowed.

For the life I so easily divined from first we met.

After shadows so dark they threatened to choke out what little remained.


A vision felt but not seen

Darkness, after all can be fertile

imagination sparked

There is no going back

They used to stutter my name

Even in the midst of the daily drudge, The hustle of bills and care taking, attention to detail.

That glow remains.



I think of you first whenever I approach a book store display.

Endless possibility


I want that spark, that light, to come away from the periphery

to settle in and become my center.

My north star.

It is there when the daily battles with myself toss me in darkened waters

onto unfamiliar shores

When I find it hard to remember my name.

You return all my senses back to me, to remind me of my divinity

This whole language I have with myself, in which you are mysteriously fluent



A hidden and fortified room I built

where the strongest and most vulnerable pulp resides

Where it shelters, conjures

pulls at the sticky sweet nectar, ambrosia.


you understand it without knowing, communicate without sound

I let you in

you clear out the cobwebs, keep away marauders.



I love you more than I knew was possible

darkness sweeter and deeper than I could conjure

When I lose the way,

when thousands of lifetimes scramble my frequency,

The light bends in a way that makes me feel your presence

your intention



I hear you whispering my name

and I return.








A new study suggests that women almost always acquire fetal cells each time they are pregnant. They have been detected as early as seven weeks into a pregnancy. In later years, the cells may disappear, but sometimes, the cells settle in for a lifetime.  The research group investigating this possibility followed the activity of fetal microchimeric cells in a mother rat after the maternal heart was injured: they discovered that the fetal cells migrated to the maternal heart and differentiated into heart cells helping to repair the damage. This astounding discovery indicates that fetal stem cells are capable of differentiating into a variety of heart cell types, including “beating cardiomyocytes,” which may heal the mother’s physical heart.




Heart,  Blood,  Tissue,  Skin

Deep in the dark waters it begins

cells divide rapidly, form and reform

Movement always

Formation of organs, muscle, bone

and heart






I saw his aura, she says, fluttering around yours

months before the seed

He has been waiting for this

They nourish each other, a two-way street

share oxygen rich blood, nutrients, and dreams

heartbeats overlapping, layering

composing a unique song

whether he is destined to take root or float on

the smallest, most potent parts of him become her firmament

her protection

the very valves and ventricles of her ever-beating heart


The waters churn, form waves

Hips heaving

her soul grips tight, almost follows as his passes through

Sharp sounds, warm skin, familiar voice

even after a lifetime pieces remain

stay behind to keep watch


Guarding the beating drum

The rhythm at the core of all beginnings

Never resting

Rush towards the weakest chambers, build new walls, grow new vessels

Age old mysteries reveal themselves slowly

but I always knew

you were my Heart