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The Final Days: 40 Week Update!


40 Weeks!

So with Valentine’s Day now behind us the month of February is quickly drawing to a close.

so this came home in my son's vday treat bag from school...

sooooo… this came home in my son’s vday treat bag from school…?

In our house, that means we are approaching The-Flood-of-Birthdays… EVERYONE is born in March! And now that I am passing my due date of Feb 23rd, I am starting to think maybe this baby doesn’t want to feel left out…? Come on child!! Let do this!

40 weeks!

40 weeks!



– Having time for Nesting/ Cleaning/ Baking

-Trying out DIY recipes for lotions/ cleansers. ect…

such as:

homemade facewash: http://www.diynatural.com/homemade-natural-facial-cleanser/

homemade sleepytime lotion: http://thepaleomama.com/2014/07/whipped-sleepytime-rub/


-Got to try acupuncture for the 1st time! (It was great and I am looking forward to doing it more in the future!)


AND almost spring??!!





-Back aches by the end of the day…

-My. Belly. Is. So. Itchy… I am constantly slathering something on my skin.  The combination of winter dryness, showering with hot water ( cuz its been so cold!) and stretching skin has made my skin NOT happy…

– Being this pregnant during this cray-cray winter= freak out about ice/snow

he doesnt mind this snow...

he doesnt mind this snow…



What we’re doing:  (Besides Waaaaiting!)

-Installing carseats, visiting friends, collecting diapers…

– Figuring out our moby wrap ( with help from rainbow rasta-lion)

photo-6 copy

-filing taxes ( ’tis the season!) and other modern world errands that will be harder to do with a newborn!

-surviving the RI winter ( fingers crossed its almost over!)

-Watching Dr. Who and Sherlock…


Well, I for one am eager to exchange the discomforts of late pregnancy with that of early breastfeeding and newborn care! Hopefully by this time next week I will be drafting my first postpartum post!



I am not all impatience and disgruntled irritation.  I am embracing this moment for what it is.  A special place of in-between…


“I believe that this is more than biological. It is spiritual… a woman must go to the place between this world and the next, to that thin membrane between here and there. To the place where life comes from, to the mystery, in order to reach over to bring forth the child that is hers. The heroic tales of Odysseus are with us, each ordinary day. This round woman is not going into battle, but she is going to the edge of her being where every resource she has will be called on to assist in this journey…We are not a culture that waits for anything, nor are we believers in normal birth; waiting for a baby can feel like insanity.”

– Read more at: http://www.mothering.com/articles/the-last-days-of-pregnancy-a-place-of-in-between/#sthash.YgAtDYvV.dpuf


My Pregnancy Timeline:

1st Trimester

1st Trimester

1st Trimester!

1st Trimester!

Entering 2nd Trimester

Entering 2nd Trimester

about 27 weeks

about 27 weeks


32 weeks and counting...

32 weeks and counting…


Holidays 2014- 3rd Trimester

Holidays 2014- 3rd Trimester


 37 weeks and dropping!

37 weeks and dropping!


40 weeks!

40 weeks!