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Pregnancy Update: Nesting and Baby Gear!


Even with my pregnancy quickly getting down to the last moments ( 38 weeks and counting!) it feels like the longest couple weeks of my life. But, being in nesting mode has kept me pretty occupied.   I am super grateful for the amazing hand-me downs, hand-made and bought gifts we are getting. Baby’s don’t need much and I for one hate carrying extra crap around that barely gets used. But there are some needed essentials for a winter baby.

Getting prepared for a winter baby...

Getting prepared for a winter baby…

This time around I encouraged hand-me downs as opposed to brand new items. As a second time around mom, I know how quick kiddies grow and what might or might not be worth the purchase.  And since we left the gender a surprise, we really don’t care about color or style of baby clothes… after all, a baby is a baby (and no I don’t care about a boy wearing pink!) Also… everything can’t be gray or yellow!

As a matter of fact, not finding out the gender has been interesting.  Here I was thinking it was about me and my partner wanting a surprise, but it quickly became clear that it was really about making others around us uncomfortable with the unknown. Like, oh you can’t already assign a personality and life goals to my unborn child? Sorry about the inconvenience of not confirming that said child might be a “mama’s boy” or “daddy’s little princess”…

gawd, I  just hate that shit!

gawd, I just hate that shit!

So waiting to find out the gender really became about shielding myself from those annoying conversations and frustrating assumptions… which I appreciate given my easily annoyed state of mind…

Nope.  Aint nobody got time for rigid gender norms in 2015...

Nope. Aint nobody got time for rigid gender norms in 2015…

Getting essentials from friends like infant car seats, clothes, and cloth diapers is totally amazing, and so are items like baby blankets, changing pads, and burp cloths. Since it’s been nearly six years since child #1- I’ve since given away most baby and toddler items to friends or charity.  The only things I kept and stashed away were my son’s crib and his high chair.  It’s pretty amazing how quickly folks are ready to clean out and give away baby gear (probably cause it tends to take up lots of space and babies grow out of it super fast!)  So, hit me up in a few months and we’ll keep the hand-me down party going!

Here are some items that I consider to be “must-haves”

~~Newborn Must-Haves~~


1. Infant (or convertible) car seat ( unless you don’t drive or use public transit)
2. A swing or bouncer

this item is pretty needed I think...

this item is pretty needed I think…

3. An infant tub and some baby soap (I love burts bees)


along with other baby grooming items ( the most important is the tiny nail clipper for those killer sharp claws)



Grooming your cat or baby? ah, its pretty much the same...

Grooming your cat or baby? ah, its pretty much the same…

4. A place to sleep ( we scored a totally free hand-me down bassinet which is sweeeeet!)

5. Bundle me -or outdoor cold protection: ( Which I found for cheap at a local consignment shop!)


This helps avoid over bundling the poor child in a million layers- a bundle me serves as a baby coat- super useful since we are having a winter baby and this is what it looks like in Rhode Island right now:


is it spring yet?

is it spring yet?



5. Blankets- again, winter baby… plus they are just so darn cute!



6. Diaper time stuff: Whether using reusable cloth, disposable or both you will need-

-diapers & wipes

– waterproof/ changing pads or cover or some kind

Baby changing pad

Baby changing pad

-diaper pail and/or Cloth diaper wet bag

Cloth diaper wet bag

Cloth diaper wet bag


*More on our 1st time cloth diapering experience in a future post!

7.  Wipe Warmer-I know this is not a “need” for everyone, but with my first baby I found that there was nothing worse than using a cold wipe on my baby’s bum in the middle of night.  Also, this time we are using the wipe warmer as a way to keep our homemade cloth wipes moist.

wipe warmer for cold baby bums

wipe warmer for cold baby bums


8. Feeding time:  Whether bottle or boob, baby will need bottles.  I got a couple of the 4 oz glass bottles ( I was able to stay home and nurse most of the time) last time I didn’t really use more than two.


Also, breast milk storage bags, hand and/or electric breast pump (dont forget to wash/ sanitize before use)

9. Nursing moms also need nursing bras, nursing pads ( one side would leak will feeding on the other side!), nipple cream and support ( I love the Boppy!)


ah the useful Boppy!

ah the useful Boppy!

-nursing pads- ( this time I am trying these out:)


I like these nursing bras for overnight/ hanging out at home:

Somehow I doubt this woman is lactating… those nursing bras are great though.

Somehow I doubt this woman is lactating… those nursing bras are great though.

10. Baby clothes: We loaded up on sizes starting 3-6 months, I skipped the newborn size since my last child started out at 9 lbs! Also hats, socks ( or footed pants) and those baby mittens are useful.

Bonus item:

** Baby carrier/ sling!  Thanks to aunty Megan we can try this one out:


Moby Wrap!

Moby Wrap!

And for items that we don’t need now, but will need later:

– Stroller ( wont need this for a couple of months in the northeast!)

-Back carrier (for hikes and lugging around bigger children)




*Optional: Baby bag ( I am known for just throwing my child’s stuff in my regular purse!)


What do you think are needed baby items? Any baby gear recommendations?